We Help Entrepreneurs Become Rich Beyond Money

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why work with us?

Our Process Is Designed To Maximize Your Most Valuable Resource...Your Time

Built By Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs

We know firsthand that entrepreneurs have different needs than other affluent families. We are designed to serve you with exactly what you want and need. 

Everything we do is designed to maximize your return on time, your most precious resource. 

More Wealth
More Happiness

When entrepreneurs articulate their goals for wealth creation, it spawns a virtuous cycle that leads to financial freedom, personal success, and a higher purpose. 

Together, these building blocks lead to a life that is rich beyond money. 

Deep Expertise
Practical Implementation

Our team is comprised of well-educated, credentialed, and experienced entrepreneurs and advisors with one goal in mind - helping you live your best life. 

We look to balance complexity and simplicity to build a comprehensive financial plan that matches your tolerance for risk and reward. 

Our values

We Help Entrepreneurs Become Rich Beyond Money

To us, creating a life without regret is a big mission that we've broken down into a few key steps. Not only do we provide a customized experience based on your goals, we do this in a way that creates the best version of your life. 

We do this with a few key values that enable us to operate differently than other financial advisory teams. 

Our process

We Believe In Creating a Better Investment Experience

We enable individuals and families to articulate, identify and achieve their desired life goals in both the short and long term.

Together, we will create a Life Success Map. This unique approach incorporates much more than your money and encourages you to understand the true power of your wealth. 

Meet Our Team

Chief Investment Officer

Noah Rosenfarb, CPA

Chief Wealth Strategist

Peter F. Culver, J.D.

Wealth Advisor | CXO

Jenna Kozodoy

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